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Yuki Ookami Show Kennel


We are a small show kennel in Northeastern Oregon.  We show in AKC and UKC. We show Siberian huskies, Schipperkes and do some handling for friends and family with other breeds. Our main focus is showing our dogs.

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Photo by  Adrian Collier
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We have been showing in AKC & UKC since 2010. We have been around dogs most our lives and Siberian huskies since 1997.  We been in 4-H since our teens and had a wonderful teacher although she taught more on obedience then conformation. We attend a handler class put on by the closest Kennel club as often as we can. 

We have very strong feeling about breeding.  We feel if you breed the right way there is little to no profit to be made. We make sure every dog has their hips and eyes certified at the right age. We spay our females after 3-4 litters. sometimes less as we have been taught it is very hard for them to have puppies the older they get. After all, the health of our dogs are more important then having puppies. We also feel strongly about spay/neutering.  If the dog is not of show or breeding quality then it has no business breeding. That is why we are so firm on the spay/ neutering of all our pet quality puppies.  You breed the best to the best and spay/ neuter the rest.



 We admit that we have made a few mistakes.  Trusting the wrong person, not trusting the right, getting dogs that were not of good quality and the having to deal with problems with them. However we have learned from those mistakes and know how not to repeat them. We feel that we breed quality dogs for Show and for companionship. Even those that don't have what it takes to show can still make wonderful pets. Thank you for reading a little about me. If you have any question, feel free to contact me 


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